What Is Revelation Of The Method?

So what does revelation of the method mean? That’s a good question! At it’s heart, it is the belief of a power or group that show their overwhelmingly strong capability over “the people” in such a way that it is interpreted as normal. This can be accomplished in many ways, including symbols, propaganda, and veiled phrases. In other words, psychological warfare. Being that it is normal means there is no opposition or resistance from “the people”. 

Our intent is to open minds, including our own, through thought provoking discussion. When a mind is open, the power is taken, and the truth is set free. The revelation of the method as it were.

Who Is Revelation Of The Method?

Podcast content and production is created by two people with a near 30 year complicated history of friendship. Our experiences as teens, parents ourselves, and common interests in current events lead us to the idea of creating Revelation Of the Method. We believe there is so much in the day to day left on the table to discuss, experiences to share, and laughter to be had. Both hosts use aliases at this time. 

  • Aunt T is a native of out west, currently residing somewhere down South.  A lifetime of strange experiences has led her down a path of seeking knowledge, both inward and outward.  A Mother at heart and the kooky Aunt you always wanted!

  • Safespace is also a native of out west, but has lived the last 20 something years in the Midwest, brining a unique perspective to the differences within our country. A nerd at heart with a passion for technology, space, and relevant current events.